Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hold on, for one more day.

Just a quick post now as I'm about to head back to the bush (I really should start posting when I get in rather than just before I leave). Things are actually going pretty well. My Windi Bundu trees all came up and will soon be ready for planting, though none of my namari or acacia senegal trees worked out. Back to the books to figure out what we did wrong. Atleast, for the most part, my school teacher and I are looking at this as a learning experience so that either later this year or even after I leave, they'll have a better idea of how to pull off this type of project.

Otherwise, I'm actually feeling pretty good. Knowing that I'm going home for 3 weeks on Aug 15th really helps, though it is making me a little antsy at post. However, the other night I went over to my teacher's house and hung out for like 4 hours drinking tea and chatting. We had an awsome conversation that included religion, government, the US election, the state of the world, how developement works in Niger (or doesn't), and lots of other fairly heavy topics. It was actually really awsome. It was one of those conversations where I saw that he had so much kokari and I am only just now really comfortable living here that it almost makes me want to extend as I feel I could really impliment some good projects now. Almost.

Anyway, I have to head out now but as one final note I have to do a favor for a friend of mine. Those of you who played World of Warcraft with me back home and were in the guild Nightmare Company, this message is for you. Last week Harkhana's 17 yr old daughter died, supposedly she had a seizure in the night and suffocated. I can't imagine how hard things must be for Hark right now. She asked me if I could use my blog to spread the word to all the former NC folk and I said I would. If you would like to send her your condolences I have her email address and will give it at request (don't want to post it here so she won't get spammed). No matter how much I start to think it sucks being here, Hark... my heart goes out to you.


At 11:17 PM, November 14, 2007, Blogger Phebes said...

You know, I'd almost forgotten that we'd chatted, albeit briefly, the day Casey Rae died.

It turns out that she died from SUDEP which is basically Sudden Unexpect Death by Epilepsy. Apparently, when some people have seizures in their sleep, they suffer from pulmonary edema (sp?). She drowned in bed.

It's been hard, but she was unconscious and never felt pain or fear. It's a comfort to me.

Vagrant & I ended up stuck in Michigan for about 4 months dealing with my father's ailing health after word. He is 5'9" and only weighed 117 lbs. After a coupla trips to the hospital and a ton of test, we determined what it wasn't and that he's probably has a fairly simple disorder and stress. His weight is back up and he's feeling a bit better.

It's still been hard on him, though, as Casey was living with him when she died. She was at her other grandma's house when she passed, but had been staying with him to finish school. She was supposed to start her C.N.A classes this past fall with a goal of eventually becoming a Pediatric nurse.

So. We're all still just coping. At least I'm back home (Fredericksburg, VA) and working again (that great job at Geico). We have our own place and hopefully soon a car and new pcs.

It's close to Thanksgiving now, so I'm trying to focus on what I have to be thankful for. And one of them is good friends.

You are definitely one of those, Sol. =)

Take care of yourself!

P.S. Vagrant says "Hi!"


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